Welcome to Kinespark

Did you know that your movement reveals how you approach decisions and interact with people? And it’s reciprocal: your movement also affects how other people approach and attune with you.

Kinespark is my desire to move you.

Kinespark is your impetus to move.

Kinespark is how you move others.

This work goes beyond body language and trends of “power posing” and “leaning in” to reveal your unique way of moving through the world. You will learn about your inherent qualities, how to best use your talents, and how/when to get support where you need it.

You will see your processes through uncommon lenses. I like to call them “kinesthetic wisdom” or “somatic intuition” – basically, learning how our non-verbal behavior influences our interactions and decisions.

I apply Movement Pattern Analysis and Laban Movement Analysis to help you anywhere you may need guidance. Whether you crave greater “success”, better time-management skills, more fulfilling relationships, richer creative process, or all of the above, I can guide you. While I have grounded frameworks and techniques, the most important framework is you and your movement patterns. So this work is always relevant, always current, always applicable.

Take a look around and then get in touch with me to see how we can discover – WHAT MOVES YOU?

Kristina Fluty, Founder and Principal Consultant