“My work with Kristina has been transformational. I have worked with her in multiple settings since 2006, and hope to for many more years. Her caring professionalism makes rigorous work manageable and enjoyable. Together we set clear goals, and she asks intelligent questions about the reasons for those goals. In the kind of work that is often difficult to measure, Kristina finds ways to evaluate measurable outcomes. Her coaching has helped me dissect, describe, and analyze in new ways, always with a feeling of profound support. Her ability to create a safe environment for discussion and reflection encourages everyone to do their best work. ” – Rachel Damon, Artistic Director, Synapse Arts Collective


“Kristina Fluty is a Chicago treasure. As a mind-body psychotherapist and Certified Structural Therapist I’ve worked with a lot of gifted healers. Kristina’s at the top of that list. She is one of the rare people who can study different schools of healing, synthesize what’s important from her own experience, and create her own work. Kristina has a great eye to see where movement patterns are inhibited, and is able to guide people through releasing those patterns to move toward greater freedom. She’s also able to hold space for any emotions that might come up in that process. I’ve seen her work equally as welll with absolute beginners to professional dancers. Words that come to mind when I think of Kristina and my work with her are loving, intelligent, insightful, effective, playful, and fun. I highly recommend taking individual sessions and classes with her.” – Jeff Gilbert, R-DMT, LCPC


“Kristina is a compassionate, wise and highly skilled teacher and artist. She facilitates one’s journey of movement discovery with gentleness and humor and gives clear directions along the way. After working with her, I always feel that my mind and body are calmly balanced. Both LMA and MPA provide a clear language to help one reach one’s potential, and Kristina deftly utilizes these theoretical frameworks to elicit integrated movement and self expression.” – Jeannine Salemi, Dance/Movement Therapist and Choreographer


“Working with Kristina has been such an amazing experience. Not only have I learned more about how my body works, but I have also learned to truly love dance and connect to the pleasure movement. Kristina brings such a warm and welcoming energy into every room she steps into that you feel so comfortable to be yourself, which helps shed the fear that usually prevents someone to dive deeper into movement analysis. She is a huge inspiration and is one of the biggest reasons why I was able to get my first dance job. I don’t believe that I ever sincerely danced from within before I knew her; I have found moments in her class where I had emotions rise up within that I never knew I had, of deep internal joy (the kind that makes you want to cry, to be honest). I would highly recommend her work to anyone out there who is willing and open to make such change in their lives.” – Ruben M., Dancer, Chicago Repertory Ballet


“Kristina’s classes are a fluid blend of structure and permission.  She creates a space that is open, lively, and profoundly educational.  Her tender, yet invigorating attention encourages growth from a place of authentic presence, engaging the wholeness of anyone lucky enough to work with her.” -Sarah Gottlieb, CLMA, Choreographer, and Educator


“Kristina opened up a pathway to discovery for my classmates and me in a way that allowed us to gain a considerable amount of knowledge regarding globalized movement and physical vocabulary in only 10 weeks.  Through the study of contact improvisation supported by Bartenieff fundamentals, we experienced the trust that partners must have for one another while sharing partial weight, and giving full weight.  These ideals are imperative to our studies as actors, and can be transposed into any type of scene work.  Not only was she a trustworthy and fun instructor, but she helped me personally as well, taking ample time to talk me through some problems I was having in class.  Kristina is a role model and a true friend to me.  Our class will stick with me throughout my career forever.” – BFA student, The Theatre School at DePaul University


“Kristina is extremely clear, friendly, honest, knowledgeable, humble. She added a great balance of humor when it was needed. She is well-organized and also open/available for all manner of student questions. Her energy is great and she includes a good mix of drawing, lecture, discussion, and movement in every class.” – Introduction to Anatomy and Kinesiology Workshop Participant, Summer 2014



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