Discover and maximize your unique gifts

This work comes before any other work you might do. It’s a foundation. By discovering what really moves you, we can strengthen the roots of who you are and you will gain the confidence to grow into, and from, those roots.

This is what I offer:

  • Decision-Making Guidance with Movement Pattern Analysis profiles
    • Personal Coaching packages deepen your experience with your profile
    • If you are ready to bring your profile into relationship, let’s talk about team profiles with your partner, professional colleague, or team at your workplace.
  • Movement Workshops using the Laban Movement Analysis  Framework
    • I have nearly a decade of experience embodying and facilitating LMA
    • I facilitate groups of any size
    • I offer and facilitate individual and group retreats
  • Personal Movement Coaching using LMA and MPA
    • Go deeper with your MPA Profile with correlating movement re-patterning
    • Address your mental and physical pain through movement re-patterning
  • Creative Process Facilitation
    • I offer warm, Fieldwork-based outside eye feedback on your work
    • Infuse your process with new ideas
    • Let your vibrant creativity boost your overall well-being

Kristina is a wonderful teacher. She’s warm, easy to follow (even with complex material like Laban) and extremely knowledgeable.                          – Emerge/Express Participant, March 28, 2015