Movement Pattern Analysis

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Movement Pattern Analysis
How do I make decisions?


Using Warren Lamb’s innovative Movement Pattern Analysis framework, Kinespark delivers individual and team profiles that outline how you and your employees move through a decision-making process.


An MPA profile is constructed after conducting a casual two-hour interview. We then consult with you to help you understand your profile and how to use it. After you have your profile report in hand, we continue to provide all the guidance you need in order to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.


OFFICIAL DEFINITION – Movement Pattern Analysis is a comprehensive system for assessing an individual’s core motivations in decision-making processes, based on the disciplined analysis of nonverbal behavior. MPA has a wide range of applications, from management consulting to career guidance, and over 30,000 individuals – primarily those involved in senior management – have made use of MPA-Profiles over the last 50 years.



Basically, Warren Lamb was a genius protege of Rudolf Laban, the creator of Laban Movement Analysis. He worked closely with Laban to study how our body movements might be linked to our thought processes. From the 1950’s to today, that framework continues to inform individuals and teams about how they make decisions and relate to each other while doing it.



Movement Pattern Analysis is a powerful tool to help you (and your company) illuminate how you (and your team) navigate through the decision-making process. We break it down into discrete “Action Motivations” that cohere to create a holistic picture of your process. We also explain how you interact with other people while you are taking these actions.

You can use this new information about yourself to-

    • Make decisions more effectively
      • Find out the steps you may be skipping that prevent you from making decisions effectively
      • Discover how your inherent pattern may keep you from making progress
    • Be articulate about your unique needs and preferences
    • Consider other people’s unique styles and how that affects their interaction with you
    • Better manage your workload
    • Create more meaningful relationships and collaborative experiences with your colleagues and loved ones

Your company may also choose to-

    • Create a customized workshop, seminar, retreat, or conference presentation around your team profile information
    • Use the team profile to supplement a strategic planning process
    • Construct incoming team member profiles for better recruitment and retention
    • Use individual profiles to maximize team member satisfaction and well-being


So, if you are considering a merger, hiring a new CFO, or trying to develop a new product, how do you go about the process of making all of the various decisions associated with those big moves?


You might think you know – but we can tell you exactly how you do it. 


Click here to register for the next Info Session to learn more about Movement Pattern Analysis and how you can apply it to your decision-making Process.


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