Jeff Gilbert, R-DMT, LCPC

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“Kristina is a Chicago treasure. As a mind-body psychotherapist and Certified Structural Therapist I’ve worked with a lot of gifted healers. Kristina’s at the top of that list. She is one of the rare people who can study different schools of healing, synthesize what’s important from her own experience, and create her own work. Kristina has a great eye to see where movement patterns are inhibited, and is able to guide people through releasing those patterns to move toward greater freedom. She’s also able to hold space for any emotions that might come up in that process. I’ve seen her work equally as welll with absolute beginners to professional dancers. Words that come to mind when I think of Kristina and my work with her are loving, intelligent, insightful, effective, playful, and fun. I highly recommend taking individual sessions and classes with her.”